Reflection on Childhood

Reflection on Childhood


Do I … Have a problem with…. my…. focus??

I decided to ask advice on how to help my child with a lack of focus as it had become evident that my child’s thoughts were meandering at times when attentiveness was required.  The counselor began asking a variety of questions to pinpoint the issue. …..

Do YOU have any problems with focus or attentiveness?  Me?? Do you realize how tempted I was to  say…….. Hmmmm .. welll…   Lately, … Sometimes I guess I ….  …..


I love that part of the clip 🙂

Truthfully, I can completely relate to the dog in the video. I work in a continually changing work environment while multi-tasking.  My job and the priority of the demands from one moment to the next.  It has never really been an issue before, but since I’ve started trying to continue my education in the evening  and  help my children with their new sporting endeavors, my focus isn’t what it used to be.  I am more easily sidetracked or derailed because getting back on track is just a bit more of a chore.

So what to do? For me? For my Child?

  • Make sure we are getting sufficient rest at night. Both in quantity & quality.
  • Find a better balance – I need to make sure we aren’t over extending ourselves
  • Make sure we are getting the right fuels/foods for our body, but eating a well-balanced diet.

While it’s not a complete plan, this is where we will start.  Maybe with a few schedule and balance changes we will stop…. chasing so many… SQUIRRELS!!!